Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let Her Twirl!!!!

Put a sweet skirt on a little girl and see how she loves to twirl!! This "twirly" skirt is made from chocolate brown baby wale corduroy with coordinating turquoise fabric. It is fully lined with muslin and has a ruffle at the bottom. The top is a purchased t-shirt with fabric from the skirt appliqued on. The skirt and top can be worn as is or layered with leggings and a long sleeve tee or turtle neck. A must have for all young ladies' fall wardrobes. Thank you Miss L. for allowing me to create this one for you!!!! Enjoy.

Monday, September 14, 2009

How Now Brown Cow

Every year in September, our small town hosts "Cow Days"-our fall festival. The festival itself dates way back but in the past years it has grown into a good sized event. There is an annual fun run, many craft booths, singing, beauty pageants and much food!!! The most famous food is the "Legion" fish sandwich and a Ski to drink. The fish is sold by the local American Legion post and well a Ski is just a central Kentucky trademark.

This pink corduroy jumper will make its debut at Cow Days next weekend on a sweet little two year old. The cow appliqued and is cut from soft brown fleece. The jumper is fully lined with coordinating bows at the shoulders and covered buttons. I have more pink corduroy, so order yours quickly!!!