Saturday, May 11, 2013

I celebrated Mother's Day yesterday in a most special way. Mama requested that I make new kitchen curtains, a tablecloth and stool cover for her gift this year. I gladly jumped on that opportunity. I loaded my sewing supplies, stopped by and picked up my Nana (91 years young)and with my children in tow, headed to Mama's for the day. When I was growing up, it was a huge treat for us when my Mama would say, "We are going to spend the day at Mama's (my Nana)." I knew that it meant a great meal, a great visit and warm, fuzzy emotions. Sometimes there would be a sewing project involved or the putting up of new wallpaper or a session of canning vegetables, etc. The most excitement came not from the project involved but the idea of spending the day at Nana's and back then the days seemed much longer than now. Yesterday I was transported back to those warm, fuzzy emotions as we ate, sewed, visited, laughed and enjoyed the presence of each other. My children found fun things to do at their "Mammie's" house and it was perhaps the greatest Mother's Day ever. Four generations of us under one roof for an entire day. I know how blessed I am!

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Simple Thank You

I have always been grateful to the veterans of our country for their service. However, only recently was I made aware that maybe veterans are not always aware of the gratitude and what I am thinking. My husband recently challenged each of us to thank a veteran the next time we have the opportunity. My opportunity came this week as I was caring for a patient. I noticed that her husband was wearing a jacket with his VFW patch. Upon talking with him in the hallway, I told him that I noticed that he is a veteran of foreign war. I extended my hand for a shake and said, "I want to thank you for your service". I was caught off guard by the tears that welled in his eyes and the look upon his face. It was at this moment that I gained a deeper appreciation for what serving our country means to veterans. I was blessed far more than he in that encounter! I challenge each of you to "Thank" a veteran the next time you have an opportunity.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This may seem like just an ordinary watermelon to you but when I bought it last night from a local produce stand, I was flooded with memories of my G-Daddy Froggett. When I pulled up to the produce stand, the owner excitedly met me at the trailer that contained four large cartons full of watermelons that he had just hauled from Indiana. It was his excitement that triggered the memories of my grandfather and watermelons. G-Daddy raised watermelons solely for the purpose of selling them at the "Third Sunday in August" celebration at Sulphur Well, Kentucky. He was renown for the melons in a multi county radius. As a grandchild, I remember watching every stage of the process of raising the melons and many conversations that included the watermelon patch. He spent many hours making sure the melons flourished. He tended the patch, picked the melons and placed them on straw in the bed of his pick-up truck which, mind you, was never fancy or new. At the celebration, he stood beside his truck in order to talk with anyone and everyone that came by to purchase a melon or just visit. He would also offer advice on which melon was best at each time of purchase. The method involved "thumping", a technique that I never quite fully understood since the thumps all sounded the same to me. Another fond memory that I have of watermelons is how all the Froggetts would gather at Bigmama and G-Daddy's house in the summer to eat them. Keep in mind that all the Froggetts lived within a 5 mile radius--and most still do. I was the first one to "move off" when I went to college in Louisville (I'm surprised that I wasn't disowned) LOL. We would get a phone call that the gathering was going to occur and we literally ran to their house in order not to miss any detail. The watermelons were always good, but the family time together was better. Maybe the excitement that arises within me each summer when I see watermelons growing or for sale is not just about the taste of the melon!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


New items in my ETSY shop!!! Good time to Christmas shop!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Back-to-School Bargains

People often ask me since we homeschool do we do any back to school shopping. Oh yea! My children look forward to it. The lists, choosing just the right color folders and notebooks, whether to get trimming pencils or mechanical, the new binders and rulers.

We did our shopping yesterday. While I do not have to buy clothing, it is a good time of year to find great prices on clothing and shoes. For example, two of my clan did have a need, no a desire, for new athletic shoes. My goal was to find both pairs for under $100. One of our local sports stores had a special on athetic shoes, buy one, get one for half off. I also had a rewards coupon to use on my purchase. BONUS!! We were able to buy a pair of New Balance, a pair of Nike shocks, a sports bra, and two bundles of socks (18 pairs) for--------$78.00. Yes, and I have the receipt for you non-believers.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The "latest"

These aprons are the latest of my creations in the sewing room. They are patterned from an apron that my great grandmother made in the 30s or 40s that I have the honor of possessing!!! They are "girly" with the pleats in the front and the daintiness of the fabrics. Each is for sale for $17.00 **free shipping. If you are one of my local customers, cost is $15.00. Each is machine washable and dryer friendly! Each tie is 34" long.

This one is one of my favorites with the contrasting fabrics that compliment the main fabric.

Cheerful with the pinks and blue dainty flowers and contrasting blue band.

Nothing says summer more than sunflowers. This apron has two pattern of sunflower fabric, both complimenting the other.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seeking Treasures

"A man's real possession is his memory. In nothing else is he rich, in nothing else is he poor." ---- Alexander Smith

I have not posted for several weeks because I have been busy seeking treasures. Those treasures are memories with and for my children. Treasures of activities and events to create lasting and positive memories for them. I believe that no amount of material possessions will ever substitute for a mind full of good childhood memories!! So, if I post sporadically for the remainder of the summer, just keep in mind that I am out seeking treasures!! Have a great summer!