Saturday, May 11, 2013

I celebrated Mother's Day yesterday in a most special way. Mama requested that I make new kitchen curtains, a tablecloth and stool cover for her gift this year. I gladly jumped on that opportunity. I loaded my sewing supplies, stopped by and picked up my Nana (91 years young)and with my children in tow, headed to Mama's for the day. When I was growing up, it was a huge treat for us when my Mama would say, "We are going to spend the day at Mama's (my Nana)." I knew that it meant a great meal, a great visit and warm, fuzzy emotions. Sometimes there would be a sewing project involved or the putting up of new wallpaper or a session of canning vegetables, etc. The most excitement came not from the project involved but the idea of spending the day at Nana's and back then the days seemed much longer than now. Yesterday I was transported back to those warm, fuzzy emotions as we ate, sewed, visited, laughed and enjoyed the presence of each other. My children found fun things to do at their "Mammie's" house and it was perhaps the greatest Mother's Day ever. Four generations of us under one roof for an entire day. I know how blessed I am!

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