Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Scientist

This is my little scientist. This week he is an agriscientist. He will attend the Annual Farm Bureau State Convention this week to exhibit his project on barns and their usage in agriculture. Big trip to the Big City accompanied by going to a college basketball game. Oh, the excitement!!! I love you feller and I am so proud of you!!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010


My sister brought this and asked if I could work on her pillow. If that is what you call it. It was flat enough to use as a pot holder. Now, this pillow is from our childhood, we are talking the mid to late 1970s!! So, I said, "Yes".

So, I got busy and inside the pillow were only a handful of feathers. I had some down pillows that I no longer used. With some new ticking and the re-purposed feathers, my sister now has a set of new feather pillows.
The pink ribbon marks the end of the pillow where the feathers from her "childhood" pillow went. Sweet dreams, Sis.