Friday, May 13, 2011

Prom Princess

Here is proof that you do not have to live in Britain in order to be of "royalty". One of her favorite things to do when she was little was to dress up. We even had a prom at our house when she was 8 because she was so fascinated with watching her teen neighbor leave for prom. It consisted of formals from her mom's and my "past", dancing, a "limo" (really a Lincoln town car), punch and cookies.

Our princess at her first real prom=BREATHTAKING.

P.S. You will get to go next year Sunshine!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where You Lead Me

Where you lead me, I will follow. One of the most fascinating things within motherhood for me has been observing the interactions of my children with their siblings. Our order goes girl 16, boy 13, girl 9. The brother acts more like the "big" brother with his protective nature. The 9 year old follows the 16 year old and wants to be just like her. This statement is beautiful from both sides; wanting to be like someone and being so that someone wants to be like you.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Every once in a while there are days that are perfect all around; the weather is good, we feel good and all seems good. Yesterday, which happened to be Mother's Day was one of those perfect days. My three amazing children each made homemade cards (the best kind if you ask me) complete with their own thoughts, art work and penmanship.
After church we went to a town not too far away, walked around the local university's campus and then to a park in the downtown area. At this park was a beautiful white, horse drawn carriage complete with a cowboy in a tuxedo! Of course we rode!!!! I even received a pink, long stemmed rose as part of the ride.
It felt so good to have all three safe with me, happy to be with me and having a good time with me. PERFECT.