Friday, July 29, 2011

Back-to-School Bargains

People often ask me since we homeschool do we do any back to school shopping. Oh yea! My children look forward to it. The lists, choosing just the right color folders and notebooks, whether to get trimming pencils or mechanical, the new binders and rulers.

We did our shopping yesterday. While I do not have to buy clothing, it is a good time of year to find great prices on clothing and shoes. For example, two of my clan did have a need, no a desire, for new athletic shoes. My goal was to find both pairs for under $100. One of our local sports stores had a special on athetic shoes, buy one, get one for half off. I also had a rewards coupon to use on my purchase. BONUS!! We were able to buy a pair of New Balance, a pair of Nike shocks, a sports bra, and two bundles of socks (18 pairs) for--------$78.00. Yes, and I have the receipt for you non-believers.

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