Friday, January 14, 2011

HOW TO MAKE a new ironing board cover

One snowy afternoon this week, I made a new ironing board cover. My old cover was, well "pitiful", so much so that I am NOT including a photo. I iron a great deal and it was ready for retirement. So, I chose some fabric from my stash, bias tape, and elastic and made a new one. Here is how:
-trace pattern (use old cover to trace)
-cut out the new pattern on new fabric
-attach double sided bias tape all the way around (this makes a simple, fast casing for the elastic and finishes the edges)*leave the beginning and ending point open for running the elastic
-run elastic through the casing
-place cover on ironing board
-adjust elastic to fit
-tie elastic in a knot and tuck under cover

SIMPLE. EASY. FAST (around 30 minutes). CHEAP (I used supplies I already had)

As for the brown camo.......let's just say it will make for adventurous ironing.

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Farmchick said...

It looks great and I am sure you have already heard the comments on how incognito you will be while ironing.