Saturday, March 12, 2011

Embellished notebooks

These are photos of my newest craft project. Steno pad notebooks embellished with ribbons and cut outs. This is an easy project. First you must remove the wiring from the notebook. Then cut paper (I used cardstock) to fit the cover. Return wire and cover to notebook. Embellish. The possiblities are endless!!
I have blues and browns. This one has a tag that says "Happiness".

This one is black and white with dainty pink ribbon holding a flower cut out. It is a pocket sized notebook. $2.00

This one has different shades of blue wistera type flowers with pink satin ribbon wrapped around and tied in a bow.

These make great gifts at $4.00 each. I have many other styles, some with matching pocket sized notebooks and bookmarks. Email me if you wish to order or they may be viewed locally at Tammy's Closet.

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Farmchick said...

These are really cute. Many teachers are now using these.