Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Tree House

This is the tree house that my son had dreamed of forever! Well, it is sort of a "treeless" house since we do not have any trees in our yard mature enough to hold a house. It sets between two trees for the effect of being in a tree.

We had enough lumber left over from a barn addition. He and I set the posts and he designed the entire thing. We got a friend of ours to construct it and put the roof on. I must say it is a fancy tree house.

My son envisions covering the outside with license plates from all across America. He has a good start!

It is his refuge and source of such joy. How I wish we would have done this years ago!!

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Farmchick said...

Fantastic! My son has a similiar sized tree house on our farm. He hasn't used it in a couple of years, since he is growing up. But, that sanctuary is important!